Major Surgery For Your Kitty? How To Afford It

Cats, if they are not kept indoors consistently, are definitely going to get hurt. Everything from other cats to birds of prey to cars will hurt your kitty. When that happens, you need to take him/her to the vet or watch your pet die. If the cat vet determines that your pet needs major surgery, such as the removal of a leg because it is too badly crushed or injured, then you will need to have it done as soon as possible. If you cannot afford the surgery, finding an affordable cat vet and cat vet services becomes imperative. Here is how to make your kitty's surgery affordable.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance covers most surgical and emergency procedures from the minute you make the first monthly payment on your policy. That means you could buy the insurance the same day in the vet office, and then have the vet perform the surgery. The cat vet's staff will bill the insurance, usually about a week or two after the procedure, which provides enough time for the policy to become fully active. Your co-pays are often less than a standard office visit versus the hundreds to thousands of dollars spent without insurance.

Payment Plans

Most affordable cat vets understand that pet owners cannot afford expensive procedures and emergency surgeries. As such, many of them offer payment plans. Ask your vet if his/her clinic is willing to work out a payment arrangement with you or if he/she has an established payment plan in the office of which you may partake.

Financing/ Vet Credit Card

Financing your pet's surgery may also be a possibility. In-house financing and credit cards that may only be used in the clinic to pay for pet services are becoming more common. Information regarding financing and/or vet credit cards should be available at your vet's front desk.

Going Through Your Local Animal Shelter

Local animal shelters attempt to help pet owners keep and care for their pets by providing a free bag of food when you need it and inexpensive or free vet services. Call your local shelter to see if you can have the specific surgery your kitty needs performed by one of the vets that donates his/her services to the shelter. Services are usually paid for by money that supports the shelter, or you agree to pay a small fee for supplies and the vet donates his/her time and skills.