Four Things You Can Do To Make Things Easier On Your Pet Sitter

When you hire a pet service to sit for your animals, you want to make sure nothing goes wrong. Your pet sitter likely feels the same way. That's why it's important to make things as easy as possible.There are several things you can do to make pet sitting go well for you, your pet and your sitter. Here are four easy things you can do to make things go smoothly:

Have a Meeting Before the Trip

In fact, have several meetings if possible. It is especially important that your pet sitter meets your pet before you leave so you can see how your pet reacts. You also want to gauge how your pet sitter will interact with your animals as well. One big advantage of this is that when you leave and the pet sitter begins his or her duties, your pets won't be as stressed out because they are already familiar with the sitter.

Leave Important Contact Information

Be sure to give the sitter your important contact information such as how to reach you by cell phone and the name and number of where you are staying. You may also want to leave a name and number of a trusted friend or family member who lives near you just in case of emergency and they can't contact you.

Important Information About Your Pet

Be sure to leave information about your veterinarian, pet health insurance, pet medications and any special diets or feed. Leave specific instructions on how to give medication if necessary. Since it's important that your pet maintains his or her routine, you can also leave a schedule of walks, baths, feeding times or anything else that your pet does at the same time every day.

Keep Important Things Easy to Find

You don't want to rearrange too many things around your house to avoid upsetting your pet, but place things like food, bowls, utensils, toys and the like in a cupboard or area where the pet sitter can easily find them. You can also help by labeling their location and leaving instructions on how to find them in writing. You may also want to do the same for cleaning items in case there is a mess issue.

Making things easier for your pet sitter helps make things easier for your pet. Let your sitter know that you will be checking in with him or her while you are gone. If you haven't found a pet sitter yet, try finding one at a pet services company. They will likely have an experienced pet sitter who can put your pet at ease.

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