Dog Boarding Vs. House Sitting: Which Is Better?

You want the best for your pets when you're not around. When it comes to house sitting or doggie boarding, there is no clear-cut answer as to which is best. Consider these tips as you look for options in your area:

Cost Comparisons

The cost variation is high in both dog boarding and house sitting. With house sitting, especially, the cost will vary based on how often you want the person to stop by (or if you want them to stay overnight), what services the person must provide (from plant watering to dog bathing), and the experience level of the house sitter. Likewise, dog boarding varies based on the size of your dog, the services requested, and the going rate in your area. 

Dog Boarders Are Experienced

Sure, many people would love to make a few extra bucks by walking someone's dog or staying in their nice home while they're on vacation. That makes it harder to choose a house sitter that has a lot of pet knowledge. What will your house sitter do if your dog gets sick or has behavioral problems while you're away? What if they feed your dog chocolate or other foods that make them sick? You just never know what a person would do, either by accident or by neglect. In contrast, if you hire dog boarders, you can be confident that there is a vet on hand to handle any unusual behavior or illness from your pet. Even something as simple as knowing how to make a pet feel less homesick matters, and it's something you're paying for with the high experience level of professional dog boarders. 

There's No Place Like Home

On the other hand, some dogs just don't do well with boarding facilities. They might be sick to their stomachs the whole time, show unusually aggressive behavior, or simply whimper the whole time. That's why it's recommended that your pet's first visit to a dog boarding facility is a short one. A few days is enough time to know if your dog will be able to adjust, and that will give you the confidence to leave them with a kennel for longer spans of time if need be. 

Trust Your Gut 

Perhaps the best thing to do is introduce your dog to a pet sitter and to a boarding facility. See how your dog behaves differently in each scenario, and you'll have your answer. 

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