5 Ways To Keep That Outdoor Cat Safe

Most cat experts agree that the safest place for your kitty in inside your home -- but if you're like most cat owners, you're well aware that cats have minds of their own. If you've got an adult cat who is spayed or neutered and is up on all its shots, there's probably no real harm in letting it spend time outdoors in a fenced yard unless you live in a dense urban area and have no real yard area of your own. However, there are precautions you should take to ensure that your kitty stays safe outside. 

1. Don't Leave Your Cat's Food and Water Outdoors Overnight

Naturally, you're going to want to make sure your cat has plenty of cool, clean water to drink and access to food, but leaving these outdoors overnight may attract unwanted visitors. Urban wildlife such as raccoons, birds of prey, and even coyotes are always on the prowl for easy pickings, so if you do feed your cat outside, bring the bowls in before the sun goes down. 

2. Don't Leave Your Cat Outside at Night

Night is when predators are most active, so if possible, bring your cat indoors during this time. If you absolutely cannot do this, consider keeping your furry friend in the garage or closed in porch at night. Keep in mind that both dawn and dusk are particularly dangerous times for domestic pets. 

3. Keep a Clean Yard

Urban wildlife, including coyotes, are attracted to fallen fruits and nuts, so pick them up as often as possible. Also, keep trash cans in the garage or safely on the porch until the morning they're scheduled to be picked up. Keeping your landscaping trimmed and your lawn mowed makes it less likely that predators will be able to prowl undetected. 

4. Make Sure Your Cat Has a Couple of High Places in the Yard

Even a tall ladder propped up against the side of your home can save your cat's life in the event it needs a quick escape route from a predator. 

5. Consider a Catio 

Some people choose to give their cats the best of both worlds -- a chance to spend time outdoors lazing in the sun and watching the birds and bees and the protection that only an indoor environment can offer. Catios are screened-in outdoor spaces where cats scratching pads, ledges, and various cat toys -- you can even have them situated up against a pet door so that your furry feline friend can come in and out as it pleases. 

If your furry family member does endure an injury, bring them in to an animal hospital as soon as possible.