FAQs About Doggy Daycares

If you have a dog and you worry about leaving them home alone while you are gone, then you should consider doggy daycare. Doggy daycare provides your dog with a safe environment to be around other dogs and be looked after by trained staff members. If you haven't brought your dog to a doggy daycare before, then review these questions and answers to get a good idea of how it could benefit both you and your dog: 

Can puppies go to doggy daycare?

Puppies can go to doggy daycare. However, they do have to be completely vaccinated, which is around 16 weeks old. This is for the safety of all of the other dogs in the facility, as well as the puppy. If unvaccinated puppies or dogs were allowed to go to the daycare, then illnesses could spread. 

Are the dogs always supervised?

When you take your dog to daycare, you can rest easy knowing that they won't get into any mischief because there will always be staff watching over the dogs, whether they are inside the daycare facility or outside in the exterior portion of the daycare. In fact, most facilities will also have cameras and monitors, which gives them even more sets of eyes to watch over the different areas of the daycare. 

What do the dogs do at the daycare?

When your dog goes to daycare, they will be able to get rid of any of their pent up energy because the dogs will spend most of their time playing. There are a lot of toys and other things like wading pools and grass areas for them to play in. When they want to rest, they can lay in a comfortable dog bed and do so. They will also be fed and have constant access to water. 

Can an aggressive dog go to daycare?

Many doggy daycare facilities won't allow an aggressive dog to come to daycare because it puts the other dogs at risk. There may be some who do allow it, but the aggressive dog would not be allowed to mingle with the other dogs in order to keep them safe. Doggy daycares give each dog an assessment to make sure they are friendly. 

Can doggy daycare help with a dog's separation anxiety issues?

In many cases, a dog with separation anxiety will do better in the daycare setting than they would at home by themselves. If the staff sees that a dog is still anxious, they will spend one-on-one time with it to help it stay calm. There wouldn't be anyone at home to do this with the dog, and this can lead to some dogs getting into trouble at home.