Does Your Child Want A Reptile? Consider A Bearded Dragon

If your child wants a pet reptile, you may be doing your research looking for the right pet for your family. Similar to how certain dog breeds are better suited for children, there are certain reptiles that may be better for children due to their temperaments and energy levels, among other things. If you've never had a reptile before, you may want to consider a bearded dragon. Bearded dragons are lizards that originated in Australia. Here are just a few reasons why they can be a good pet for children.

They are Easy to Feed

Compared to other reptiles or exotic pets, bearded dragons enjoy a very simple diet of veggies and supplements. You and your child may have to do some live feeding of crickets or mealworms as well, but this protein comprises a small portion of their diet. Juvenile bearded dragons may only need to eat once a day, while adults may only need to eat every couple of days. The main caveat is that bearded dragons do enjoy eating, so they do need a strict feeding schedule or else the reptile could become overweight.

They Don't Mind Being Held

Children usually want to handle and hold their pets, so bearded dragons are a good choice since they aren't particularly skittish or prone to jumping. They aren't aggressive and are usually happy to sit in a person's hands.

They Are Easy to House

While some reptiles, like iguanas, can grow quite large, bearded dragons don't get bigger than about two feet. Again, their size makes handling easier, but it also makes them easy to house. The bearded dragon will need an enclosure that's about twice their size so they can have a heating lamp, places to hide, and a place to eat.

They Are a Hardy Reptile

Some reptiles, like chameleons, have relatively short lifespans of about one to three years in captivity. Bearded dragons are relatively hardy and can live a decade or more with proper care. You don't want to purchase a pet with such delicate needs that you or your child cannot handle its care.

They Adapt to Routine

Bearded dragons do have some grooming needs like bathing and nail clipping, as well as cleaning needs, such as removing droppings from their enclosure. However, they are creatures of habit and tend to sleep in the same areas, eat at the same times, and will only leave droppings in one area of their enclosure. In short, if you and your child get in a good routine of caring for the bearded dragon, he or she will follow along with cleaning, grooming, feeding, etc.

Reach out to a professional in your area for more details about reptiles for sale and whether a bearded dragon would be a good fit for your family.